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I don't quite understand Felt's lineup. Are the AR series targetted at time trialists and the F series at long rides? I note that the team were not using the AR frame - it seemed like the F1 or something.

Would the AR series be equally suitable for long rides?

Also, apparently, bikes can't go below a certain limit for races. What's this limit?



  • 6.5kgs I think? the AR is a road aero bike, the DA is the TT bike the F series is the normal road series, the F series is a really good bike I have 2, including an ex Garmin one, Magnus Backstedt used the AR loads, so its up to you, pay your money and take your pic!
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  • Both bikes are equally capable of being used as all-day road bikes, the F-series is designed to be the superlight mountain climber, whilst the AR is designed to be the aero bike that you could use on long flat rides. The AR is no heavyweight at only about 250g heavier than the F-series, but when I rode an AR is seemed to have a fairly long top tube and slightly different geometry so may not climb as well as an f-series, although on most british hills you probably wouldn't notice a difference!

    It may be worth noting that for 2011 the F-series uses the BB30 bottom bracket as well as the 1-1/8" to 1-1/4" tapered headtube, whilst the AR continues to use the standard BB shell and 1-1/8" non-tapered headtube.

    The UCI weight limit is 6.8kg (14lb) although only a couple of the models are close to that (AR0, AR1, F1, F2 & F3)
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    I have an AR4 which I use for normal road rides and Triathlons (I put tri bars on), gives me the best of both worlds. I haven't noticed any loss of performance on climbs either, mind you I'd still be blowing out of my ar$e whatever I'm riding! Really love it though.

    I've noticed some of the Garmin guys riding AR's in the ToB.