Calling all Fat Bike Riders

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Anyone here ride a Surly Pugsley or similar fat bike?




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    The other day I saw a rider in Surrey Hills with nearly similar bike, but without panniers. Don't remember what bike was called, but it was that multi link rigid frame imitating-producing the ways of suspension with huge front tyre. After a little chat with rider he had 8psi in his front wheel, it was that fat tyre I could even see the wholes and inner tube in his rims.

    Jeff Jones Ti bike after googling it.

    p.s. some of your movies are ace!
    What could have been (Video)

    I'll choose not put too much stake into someone's opinion who is admittingly terrible though
  • There is a guy, Saltyman I think his username is, who's just ordered one of those new Salsa Mukluk fatbikes.

    I came very close to building a pugs earlier this year for the beaches round here (small Island = lots of beaches), but decided to stick with what I know instead (for now).

    There is also a Fatbike forum over on MTBR with a good few Brits there.
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    I would love a pugs or another fat bike, I have seen endomorphs on a surly 1x1, so they would fit in my Surly Instigator fork if I chose to make a fat front bike.

    But alas, I can barely afford to maintain a regular bike let alone a fat bike :cry: