Suunto Cadence POD (sensor) - any good?

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I've got a Sunnto T3C HRM and was thinking about getting the cadence sensor as an add on. I use my HRM on most rides so buying this will be a bit cheaper than getting a decent computer with a cadence monitor.

Is it any good? How well does it integrate with the watch and is the display easy to read? eg; is it possible to view current HR and cadence on screen together?

Thanks in advance
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    Don't think you can do current HR and cadence on same screen.
    Cadence is displayed at the bottom of the speed/distance screen as an option which can change by pressing bottom left button.
    I have mine fixed to rear chainstay rather than the seat tube the guide recommends and it works fine, always showing a reading.
    I have found that the novelty of a cadence sensor has worn off a bit now (I'm not that serious!) and after having one a while you get to know what cadence your pedalling at without referring to it all the time but if it's important to your training then it's a good addition.
    I have road bike pod, cadence pod and pc pod and I'm happy with how they all work.
    Download more data than I know what to do with with the pc pod easily to the training manager lite (free) which is pretty easy to interpret.

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