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Shimano STI lever compatibility question

BigSpecsBigSpecs Posts: 309
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I have just bought a second hand bike from a friend, It runs 9-speed Dura Ace with a triple crankset. It is about five years old, so pre-dates the cable run under the bar tape etc.
The problem is that the left hand STI (triple) broke and was never replaced (there is currently an old 105 double lever on there). Now, obviously the ideal would be to source another DA triple LH lever from the same era but in the interim, I have two questions...
- I have a Shimano Sora triple LH STI. Will this work with the DA set up?
- Secondly, if I wanted matching STI's rather than a mis-match, would I be able to run the RH Sora lever aswell, as long as I changed to an 8-speed chain and cassette? (or is the chainring, rear mech width different?)
All help gratefully received.


  • bill57bill57 Posts: 454
    Left hand Sora lever will work fine. Your other bits should work fine, I've used 9 speed mechs and chainrings with 8 speed cassette and chain without any problems.
    To be honest, though there's nothing wrong with Sora or 8 speed, you'ld be better trying to find a pair of 9 speed levers - it would save you buying a cassette and chain anyway.
    Or for the cheapest solution, if your frame has stops, put on a downtube lever for the front mech (a la Lance) and just use the STI as a brake.
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