Caffine and excercise

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I'm pretty sure that I read in MBUK this month that taking caffine onboard before and during exercise can help to burn fat. Any truth in this?

As a general rule I find that if I drink a certain coloured cow and then ride it just make me feel proper ill!
I go out and do some circuit training with a mate once or twice a week, and if there is any truth in the caffine thing I'm gonna start necking the silver and blue tinnys for these sessions!

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    I think there is some truth, yes, but it also is a potent diuretic. It is a stimulent, and may not be suitable for all people.
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    Dunno about burning fat 'directly', but I think caffeine is supposed to be good for endurance, which I suppose might mean you end up burning more fat indirectly.

    As supersonic said though I don't think this translates to drinking more coffee or Red Bull being a good thing really.
  • Basically the stimulant effect keeps you going longer and does reduce hunger but it doesn't make you burn fat.
    It's used in diet pills etc because it will pick you up when you're starving.
    If you start necking red bull etc unless it's sugar free the claories will massively outweigh the amount the caffiene will burn.

    Have cup of coffee 1/2 an hour before you train/ride or couple of pro plus. That way you get the caffiene but not the calories.
  • Ha, I did wonder about pro-plus...!

    Cheers for the thoughts guys.
    Giant Reign - now sold :-(
    Rockhopper Pro - XC and commuting
    DH8 - New toy :-)
  • Remember the small cans of red bull have 150 calories each and this will negate alot of calories burned. 2 cans of red bull knock out 1/5 of my normal routes calories burned just by drinking them. I avoid caffeine when exercising because it feels like it stresses my heart alot when not exercises and skyrockets my heart rate when exercising causing chest pains for me, but that is only me, every person is different.