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Bike Stolen - Islington/Exmouth Market area EC1

misterhillmisterhill Posts: 14
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Hi All,

Some F**KER stole my bike over the weekend from WITHIN my work building. Still waiting for police and any CCTV but I thought I'd throw out the details in case it's seen.

Details are below and image is here

Thanks for taking the time to look... she was my baby :(


Model:Epic Comp Pro

Grey Specialized Epic Mountain Bike. Thompson Seatpost. Black Specialized Wheels. Grey grips with metalic redclamps. Small Maori Doll on handlebars. Fox Shocks.

Specialized written in grey. Epic written in red on frame. Code etched under bottom bracket = 'M5LK13503'


  • BigJimmyBBigJimmyB Posts: 1,302
    Surely anyone within the building wil be an employee/contractor?

    Would CCTV have covered where you kept it?
  • I'm waiting for them to check the cameras.. this afternoon. Only covers the exists to the building, but fingers crossed it finds something.

    I'm going to be soooo pissed if it's someone I work with.
  • Also had a good luck charm on the handle bars... she might be long gone by now though...
  • So, found them on CCTV... random guy, carrying coffee and shopping bag.. looked confident. Basically just walked in the door at 6.45pm last Friday. Lots of people coming in and out so no one noticed.

    Managed to get past another secure swipe door (most likely let through by another helpful employee) and then at a guess he's some how forced the door open to our server room, which also has a magnetic lock and usually needs a swipe card. Found the bike hidden in a back room and then seen leaving through the fire escape at 7.30pm with my bag on his back.

    I hope he gets hit by a truck

  • List the bike, with photos and the incident no on
  • Awesome - thanks itsbeennicked

    I've posed an add on there including photos of the THIEF!
  • BigJimmyBBigJimmyB Posts: 1,302
    The audacity of some of these thiefs...

    Seems like he knew the bike was there though, inside job?
  • Yeah made me wonder.. although the guy doesn't look familiar. But hopefully the cops know him... not a happy day at all. Still, least we have photos of him... hope he get's done for it.. fingers crossed

  • BigJimmyBBigJimmyB Posts: 1,302
    Good luck, keep us posted.
  • Hi all,

    I keep checking ebay, gumtree google daily for signs of my bike... no luck as yet. How long do you think I should keep trying before I give up hope?

    I figure they either try to move it quickly, as in the first day or two, or they may hold on to it for a few weeks until things die down and then try to flick it on... or it's it parts scattered to every corner of London.

    I guess it makes it easy that I can't find ANY of my make/model/colour at all. So it's a little easier to spot when it does show up.

    Stock image is below as well in case anyone notices it around.. not really a London bike so sticks out a bit.

    Cheers all
  • BigJimmyBBigJimmyB Posts: 1,302
    Keep checking every day for at least 2 weeks, mate.

    Make a note of any unique features that will help you identify it too.

    Good luck.

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