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2 types of knocks coming from BB (I think)

sjacob33sjacob33 Posts: 38
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Gday All
I've got 2 types of knocking noises coming from my BB.

On the left when i'm out saddle usually when climbing i get a soft double knock on the down stroke.

Other knock is coming from the right sided on the downstroke much loader than the other and only happens when i'm trying to break spead limits :P.

Neither are sending vibrations into my leg so i can only hear the knock not feel it through the crank. Any idea what might be causeing it and what i need to do to fix them.

Thanks in advance steve.


  • I had a similar problem with one of my bikes a few years ago.

    If the noise is a bit of a creak with sharp knocks it could be as simple as gunk in the BB housing.. Particularly if you have a casette BB in an Alloy frame, a bit of dirt and grime will make a world of noise. A good clean and grease up would be your best starting point...


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