Do other sports help?

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Ive about on the forum a bit and found a couple of posts about running and biking but none so far mentioning how that and possibly swimming would help,
I am only fifteen and fairly thin, without that much strength other than in my legs, ive been riding quite a bit recently (even did the woodcocks c2c last month), and i would like to start racing next year and therefore want to start a bit of training.
I struggle at the moment with long sustained effort, but can do lots of shorter bursts as i recover quite well. I also lack a bit of power and struggle to turn bigger gears on the flat.
I already ride regulary and commute to school and back, but was also considering running and swimming once a week to aid this, and possibly some light weight work to help build a bit of muscle. Is this worthwhile? what would you suggest?
Many Thanks
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    Yes, I think mixing sports can help. Cycling alone can produce shorter muscles and ignores some groups, so adding in running and swimming can be beneficial. Important not to overdo it at a young age though, and rest and recover properly.
  • Other sports are great at all round fitness.

    If you do upper body work that will also help your cycling as stronger arms enable you to raise the front end better- we have been advised to do push ups etc to help with this.

    Make sure you are eating well, and including plenty of protein and calcium in your diet, as you will combining growing, with forming extra muscles.

    Which part of the UK are you in, as a local group may be a great way to join people on training sessions, and pick experienced brains for fitness help.- I know there are weekly rides local to us with experienced racers- and this may also be a way of getting lifts etc to events!
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  • Hi, thank you both for your replies and advice, which i am going to take on board, i live in north yorkshire, near malton, i do know the two local bike shops quite well and go on some shop rides with them and am hoping to make it to the last race of the season with them, just to see what its like, I can't wait!
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    Saracen Kili Flyer 1 2006 (Custom singlespeed self-build)
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  • Swimming and jogging will help your general fitness, breast stroke is a surefire way of working your chest and shoulders, Just remember your still young and youve still got 2 or 3 years growth to come so dont push it too hard wanting quickfire results.
  • At 15 i would strongly advise against hitting the gym.

    If you want a sorted training program and decent support to get you outrageously fit try joining your local rowing club. Very similar muscle groups used but also strengthens most of your body, not to mention makes you as tough as B.A. Baracus when his van's been nicked.