respray frame before sale??

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thinking of selling my heckler frame to upgrade, however the rear triangle has taken a bit of a battering over the past few years and is sporting a couple of nice big scratches as well as rub marks where my very wide 5.10s have brushed the very wide rear chain stays.

my question is do you think it's worth getting professionaly resprayed pre sale, ie will I recoup the £150 or so it'll cost to do it in a higher sale price. equally if i don't respray it how much of a negative impact will it have on sale price.

thoughts please people

also anyone able to recomeend a good spray shop?


  • You won't re-coup the money but you will make it more desirable for buyers if it looks nice.
  • Torres
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    I wouldn't say it would be worth it really.
    I just sold a frame one ebay that's seen better days.
    Got 70 quid for it, a decent paint job may have got me 90 quid; but i don't think anywhere would do a pro level paint job for under 20 notes.
    In conclusion, sell as is. If the buyer wants a nicer finish they can get it done and choose the colour themselves :)
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    Also people may be suspicious of what you are hiding with the respray.
  • Rindle wrote:
    Also people may be suspicious of what you are hiding with the respray.

    Or they might think, fresh spray job = stolen.