Argon 18 Gallium bike good deal or not?

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Hello all,

I am in the market for a good alround fast training bike, my LBS has offered to build me an Argon 18 Gallium.

Full 105 groupo
Mavic Askium Race wheels
Deda finishing kit

All in it come to £1600, I will be using cycle scheme so this should come in at around £900.

What do you think, is it worth it?



  • Definitely NOT good value especially as the new 2011 has been announced, there is a lot better value out there at the moment, you could pick up a Giant Advanced 3 for that or even less, MUCH better frame and I'm a Gallium Pro owner !

    If you want something a bit more exotic try this Willier Izoard

    or check out the Orbea Onix at Epic

    Really racy steal at the mo is this Scott Addict at Slane ... -3352.html
  • It's cheaper than if you got it from Epic Cycles. So if you look at it like that then it is a good deal.
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  • Hell yes its a good deal . THe Gallium is a fantastic piece of kit , (provided that its the 2010 model) . RRP on these framesets is £1200 alone . another plus point is that is a bit different than all the other run of the mill carbon framesets on the market. Add up the whole packets and let the head rule the heart.
  • Thanks for the replies all,

    I thought it was a pretty good deal myself, I wanted a more unbiased opinion of the bike package reputaton ect, so I can now let you know it is a 2010 model frame currently built with sram rival and cheap shimano wheels for £2100 from a dealer not renound for heavy discounts.

    That said it has good reviews and is a little different from the norm so I really wanted a second opinion or 2, also the 2011 frames are due soon as the dealer explaind, thats why he is discounting this one so heavily, a 2011 frame will be full up money and that is then out of the equation.

    I had taken a look at Epics site, £2999 is a lot though it has carbon wheels. The williers ar becoming all too common in our club, that from a madonne owner probably sounds odd but i dont want same old.

    Thanks again, I think I will go for it.

  • FWIW I honestly would not buy another Gallium Pro if I wrecked my current one. I did however think exactly like you before I bought my one, and loved the thought of having such a 'rare' bike, but I'd happily swap it for a Giant TCR or similar right now, despite my brand snobbyness.

    If you think you need the extra headtube length afforded by their 3D Headtube system, just go an get a bike with a taller headtube, it will be better than any Alu Mecanno bits screwed together on top of a short headtube.

    I can only speak for the 'Pro' version, but as far as comfort is concerned, there is absolutely ZERO compliance, yes stiff as hell and goes like a rocket, really great, just make sure you have newly laid asphalt under you. :wink:

    The Galliums look amazing to be fair, but there are better bikes to be had for the same money, just my 2 C.
  • Thanks Murph,

    Thanks for being honest, I take it you find the frame a little stif, the head tube will be cut down for a racier position so hopefully that wont be a problem for me.

    The pro version is supposed to be stiffer than the standard Gallium with less compliance toward comfort, I was looking at the spesh roubaix but it will be too slow and comfortable with too a high riding position for my liking.

    I suppose I am looking for something to emulate the madonne's riding position, offering good handling and quick, some comfort and half decent equipment with good looks to add, with the madonne soon to be put away for the winter I want a decent fast trainer which I also will take away with me for work without the worry that it will disapear out of the van overnight.

    The argon fitted the bill although I was originally after the rydon which came in at £1500 same spec so an extra £100 I can have the gallium.

    Although more than I wanted to spend it appears on paper to be a good bike/deal and halves my SC payments.

    Thanks again