Is this a bad idea?

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I'm looking for a bit more braking power on my flatline. Its close to 45lbs and I find the juicy 3s a bit underpowered for dh riding. I was looking to replace the front brake with a saint as the rear isnt all that important to me. So could I just buy a saint caliper and use my juicy hose, levers etc? would this make any differnce in performance? I am aware that avid uses DOT fluid while shimano uses mineral oil but if I no longer have the juicy caliper doesnt that mean it doesnt really make a difference which fluid I use? The reason I ask is because buying this caliper:

is a whole lot cheaper than buying the whole kit


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    No, you can't use a juicy lever with a saint caliper. The dot in the juicy will eat the seals in the caliper. Try to use mineral oil and the seals will be damaged in the lever. They are incompatible.

    This is before we get on to the fact that the master and slave cylinders on saints and juicys are of a totally different size, pressing the juicy's 2 pot short travel lever most probably wouldn't move enough fluid to push the four large pistons in the saint far enough to provide braking.

    So yes, it's a bad idea. Buy a saint lever and new hose.