What lightweight fork for audax and touring?

satanas Posts: 1,303
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It's time for a new audax frame due to my (d)evolution since 1982. I'd like to shed a bit of weight and soften the ride too. I've just about settled on the new frame design (probably Ti from XACD), but it's not so easy to find a suitable fork. :-(

Ideally, I'd like to be able to fit some sort of front rack for occasional touring, and have clearance for at least 28mm tyres (32-35mm would be better) and mudguards. FWIW, I'd prefer to avoid cantis and am not prepared to consider disc brakes.

Apart from getting a custom steel fork, there appear to be few options that will give enough clearance and/or secure rack attachment, and none at a vaguely reasonable price. Seven and Woundup make lightweight carbon forks that will clear 28mm or so tyres, but there's no easy way to fit any sort of rack to either. IRD also make an alu/carbon fork with similar clearance, but that's about it. People have occasionally mentioned Ti forks, but I've never seen one, and have no idea if they're reliable.

Are there any reasonable options apart from steel???