How do I kill the hill

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I have been back into biking for the past 3 years and have various circuits upto 25 miles in distance.

However there is one route with a hill that defeats me everytime. Its 1 mile long at a good elevation and it doesnt matter how many times I try it always gets the better of me.

I am sure it is phycological rather than physical as my legs are not burning I juet get it into my head that I cant do it and I end up stopping

Any advice?


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    Don't stop :P
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    I had a hill like that near me that was proving to be my nemesis. Once I conquered it, its become a breeze - went up and down it 3 times the other week and could have have done another 3 had I had the time. Yep a lot of hill climbing is psychological IMHO - take it easy, all the way up - nice easy gear (until u have proved to urself u can do it) and most importantly never look up - fix ur gaze just ahead of ur front wheel and keep pedalling until u hit the top.
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    Find someone else that can do it and follow them.

    Being a southern pansie, me and the missus went to the Lakes the first time a couple of weeks back to do some riding, and having a friend that lived up there show us around made us go far far further without stopping than we usually would have, mostly out of not wanting to embarress ourselves! :oops:

    You'll be amazed at the difference chasing someone up the hill will make. I would say you could do it at an easier pace, but if your legs arent burining, it cant be down to your legs, its all in your head. Try having a chat with the person you are chasing, that will take your mind off it.
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    Mr Dinky wrote:
    However there is one route with a hill that defeats me everytime. Its 1 mile long at a good elevation and it doesnt matter how many times I try it always gets the better of me.
    Take it easy - really easy - at the start. When your breathing and heart rate have stabilised, gradually wind it up, keep on top of the gear and avoid stomping on the pedals.
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    Try following someone get on there back wheel and dont look up just keep fixated on the back wheel of the leader.

    Wear earphones a good thumping tune can get you up steep hills.

    Promise yourself a big fat cake for getting up the hill.

    Do it at night I always seem to climb better at night I think its the deep seated primeval fear of being stuck in the wild with wolves and sabre toothed tigers on the prowl. Fear gives you wings.
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    get yourself an easy gear from the bottom and spin over it, even a 32-granny is a start. once it gets too easy use a higher gear.
  • Whatever you do dont spin away the whole time in too low of a gear, you will wear yourself out far too fast. The guys i ride are proper hill monsters and they gave me one tip that has helped a lot with me, they were always much farther ahead of me, and i was always trying to keep their pace. Their tip was dont try to impress anyone, this will only lead to failure. Take things at your own pace, and remember you only need to impress yourself at hill climbing by making it to the top.

    Also avoid staring at the top of the hill and thinking jesus thats along way away. Keep fixated on points about 10 metres away, and when you get there congratulate yourself and look to the next point ahead and keep going.

    Dont stop as well, if you have clipless pedals stopping will kill the climb completely. If i have a large hill and i become unclipped and stop it is almost impossible for me to get clipped back in and back on the move, especially on gravel or loose terrain.