Magicshine Bike Light Set MJ-808 900 Lumens

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Got these well wet the other day. Total time in the pouring rain not just a shower was approx 1 hour. Not the first time they have been damp/wet in a ride home though. Each time I take them out of the nylon holder so they can dry but this time I forgot, but I don't think this is the reason for the failure. More to do with the insulation holding moisture.

Hoping they will work but just in case I'm looking for a circuit board for the batteries.

No water in light unit but the damp has got into the battery pack and sat there as the insulation used is still damp after 5 days.

Batteries check out OK after desoldering from the circuit board. Corrosion can be seen on the positive tab but I can repair this. The small red wire you can see is the balance wire that is used to balance charge the batteries during charge.