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Quick question: to service freehub?

tseniortsenior Posts: 664
edited September 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
i've got a couple of rear wheels that i need to service the hubs on this weekend

while i've got the hub in bits is it worth trying to clean up the freehubs?

park tools says you cant do much with them just swish in solvent and re-lube with a light oil

will petrol do for a solvent and what light lube..WD40, 3 in 1, chain lube?



  • I wouldn't use petrol or any other solvent really unless it was in pieces.

    Spray the WD/GT into it to drive stuff out, leave it for a bit then some thinker oil after like the one you say.
  • I was looking at this in Zinn and the Art of Mountain Bike maintenance last night. He said that solvent was the worst thing you could do to them. Will have another look later and post what he suggests.
  • tseniortsenior Posts: 664
    glad i asked! I dont want to take it completely apart, looks like there are lots of tiny ball bearings in there, which i'd inevitebly lose.

    are they actually worth fiddlig with do we think?
  • Depends on model.

    In general - no.
  • They're difficult to actually get at without some specialist tools and possibly breakages, they aren't really made to be opened. My old one had a small grease port in the end of the body which led to the enclosed parts, that may be of help.
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