Is anyone still riding the Yorkley Woods D.H. Forest of Dean

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Did Yorkley Woods downhill this morning, but had to clear loads of fallen timer off the track, plus the botom section has become quite overgrown. It's still a great ride - just needs a few more wheels on it!


  • Hi,

    Whereabouts is it in the FOD, I know the dismantled railway in Oakenhill wood, just to the nW of Yorkley (Part of Mallards Pike loop).

    Would be good to find more and give it a go.

  • It's hard to explain, but it starts near Danby Lodge.

    Heading away from their gate take the lower track and after about 1/4 mile there's some yellow arrows sprayed on a tree, on your left. Enter the woods here and just follow the track all the way downhill. It crosses two fire roads, the first connection is off-set to the right, the second is off-set to the left. Both are currently over-grown, but 'spot-able'.

    The track ends opposite the entrance to Wenchford picnic site. Let me know how you get on. :?
  • Thanks for that, may be over on Sunday for a little explore :)
  • Hi,

    Over early this am and found it thanks, bit steep at start for my liking - on my own and no-one else about, but went for it anyway, only came off once on slippery wet rocks/mud when washed away. Difficult to spot some of the route which didn't help flow, but had fun. Ripped arm to bits on brambles in second section, could definitely do with some clearing.

    Haven't been over this wood before and found some enjoyable tracks back round to Mallards Pike on way back.

    Thanks again

  • St George wrote:
    Ripped arm to bits on brambles in second section

    lol, I did exactly the same. It's a great downhill though isn't it. It would be a shame to see to gradually return to nature.