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Hi all, another new member to the forum here and thought I'd make an intro in here rather than other forum sections.

I've been lurking around for about a week or so, doing plenty of reading any trying to get to grips with vast amounts of info and advice on here, all of which I'm finding really useful, so thanks guys.

Being as I'm approaching 30 and unfit/overweight I decided to take advantage of the C2W scheme through the company (as many seem to be doing at the moment). After plenty of reviews I decided to invest in a Boardman HT Team which I collected yesterday and I'm loving it. So far had a couple of decent rides around the local area (Rotherham) woods and generally getting back into it as I'm not completely new to the MTB'ing lark but have been away for about 17 years.

I full intend on cycling to work which is about a 28 mile trip each way, however I'm under no illusions that this will take some time and I'm aiming for next summer to get some fitness up and make the attempt then.

At the moment I dont really have any questions for the pro's on here, as most of what I've needed to know I've found through the search facility. However I'm confused wih regards to the tyre pressure side of things. Ive seen the previous posts and made calcs based on what was said, but the tyres seem very low while riding when they were at approx 30 psi, and the trye states max 65 psi which seems to me to be an overload. Ive pumped upto 60 psi and dont want to go further, should i drop them down to say 40psi?

cheers again for the unintentional help so far guys, it seems Ive already got the bug and cant wait to get back out there.



  • Hi MAQ,

    Tyre pressure tends to be personal choice although too hard will make the bike skittish, you'll bounce around too much and won't grip well, too soft and you run the risk of pinch flats going over rocks or making hard landings.

    I tend to run at about 30/35 with the rear very slightly harder, this lets the tyre grip the trail and gives a hardtail a little suspension. On the road you might want it a little firmer.

    Enjoy the new bike. ;)
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    lo Maq

    fellow newb here, been doing this around 2 months

    starting off with small rides you will be surprised how quickly you can build up the stamina for longer rides, and trust me im very overweight and unfit (but getting fitter)

    on roads and country lanes longest ive done is 48 miles, but it did hurt, good workout 25-30 miles

    cross country different matter a lot harder work but 20-30 miles is acheivable for me at the mo and getting faster all the time.

    cycling is excellant exercises and it wont be long before you are whizzing up your current nightmare hill :D

    with regards to tyres i asked the same question last month :D ... t=12725098