Campag rear mech record v chorus

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Time for a new rear mech, I'd like to buy a Record Titanium Carbon 10 speed

Are they anymore fragile than Chorus Carbon? I'm not prone to trashing rear mech's, just wondered if there is any down side to Record

My other consideration is the Chorus 11, but not sure if it will run fine with 10 speed.


  • No one own or have an opinion on a record 10 rear mech?
  • Spudboy
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    Record 10 mech is faultless but you probably wouldn't notice the difference in function with Chorus. Record is obviously more bling if thats important to you.
  • Main concern is whether record is any more fragile, in particular the carbon cage.

    Can have either Record 10 or Chorus 11 the similar price, don't know if 11's mech will work with 10 speed everything else.

    Obviously a bit of record does appeal
  • Monty Dog
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    Depends on what model year of rear mech you're looking at? For the last 8 years or so, they've all had a carbon outer plate on the parallellogram and over the years, more and more aluminium parts have been replaced by carbon. Generally Record has things like ball-races rather than bushings and titanium fasteners rather than steel or alloys. Functionally, difference in performance is near imperceptable - the lever controls the shift, the mech is just a 'slave'. In terms of durability, they are very similar too - but don't expect neither to survive a crash too well
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • The one I've got my eye on is marked Record Titanium, don't know the year, will have to try and find out?

    What your opinion of Record 10 v Chorus 11 mech for running on a 10 setup, is record still the one to go for?
  • The cable pull is different on 11 speed. Officially it won't work, so unless you can find someone who's tried it I wouldn't risk it.

    Any 10 speed derailleur will work, they will just be a bit lighter / more bling the more you spend.