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Im off to uni in a couple of weeks time and unfortunately cant take my bike with me! its not going to be ridden for at least a month probs more like 2-3 until i can make it back for a long weekend. Does anyone know what maintenance i should carry out before i head off and what state should the bike be left eg if the tyres should be left totally inflated ect..?



  • If it's kept somewhere dry then there's nothing you need to do to it. I would probably clean it to make sure there's no moisture to corrode anything but that would be it.
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    Yeah it'll be fine if it's dry. If you've not greased or moved your seatpost in a while, now would be a good time to do it. And perhaps get your parents to rotate the wheels every week or so so the tyres don't get flat spots (or at least that's what you do to cars).
  • or take the weight off the tyres,
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