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Elixir 5 Brake Pads Too Tight on Rotor

rsmtrirsmtri Posts: 12
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New to mtb equipment. Elixir 5 hydraulics on Trek 6700. I have appointment to take into LBS for annual, but front pad is closed down and wheel won't spin. Any tips or tricks to get it off the rotor so I can ride this weekend? Brake lever pulls to grips as well. Before I got this bike I rode circe '95 rigid with v-pull brakes so a rear disc is still much better. Last ride where this because issue was about 94km in constant downpour and temp down in 3C so not sure that helped but also not sure if that caused the problem. My research has said Elixir 5's don't have pad adjustments. Any help appreciated.



  • My Elixir's were rubbing on my Trek 6700 too, but only when they got really hot. I released a bit of fluid from the torx screw near the lever, but was still getting the same problem, although improved. In the end it turned out to be a stuck piston. LBS ordered a rebuild kit. Job done. been great ever since.

    Becuase your lever pulls right back, I would suggest looking at the pistons first.

    Hope it helps :wink:
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  • diydiy Posts: 6,473
    Air in the system sounds most likely, but it could be a case of resetting the pistols. Reset the pistons by working them back with a tyre lever. Insert a wedge pump the lever and clamp closed for an hour. Failing that you will need to bleed the system.
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