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Dura ace mech spares and Truing a 50mm Carbon rim....

charlieonixcharlieonix Posts: 27
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Does anyone know if I can get a spare cage for a 7800 Dura ace mech?
Ive twisted mine in a mech hanger snapping incident.

Also... Do shimano offer a mechanics service at Madison for some parts?
My Dura Ace c50 needs straightening from the same incident, but has 3 or 4 damaged spokes due to the mech getting tangled. Not sure of a good enough mechanic i trust locally!


  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    You can download the Shimano spares diagram / list from their website, but for many years most manufacturers don't seem to list them as spares. You could see if you can get it apart and maybe find another mech for spares?
    I would certainly get an experienced wheelbuilder to look at your wheels - just replacing the spokes and re-tensioning might still lead to problems. With carbon wheels, even tension is critical - I would wind-off all the spokes and re-true / tension as a new build - might cost a bit more but probably worth it in the long run.
    Make sure you get your frame alignment re-checked too - busting a gear hanger can twist the frame too.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..

    You may be able to pick up the replacement parts from Madison or Petra Cycles.
  • eBay for an old 7800 mech.

    Local wheelbuilder for the wheels. Gotta be done proper like.
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