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Replacing handlebar

brucebannerbrucebanner Posts: 256
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When I first went clipless I feel over twice. The first wasn't bad, the second was terrible. I ended up bending the handlebar somewhat. I can still see the effects of the fall when I'm using the drops. I've tried bending it back but to no avail.

How difficult is it to fit a new handlebar myself?
Any suggestions for my Trek 1.5?
How much ~ speaking would a LBS charge to fit a new bar on?
Is this something that is likely to be covered by Trek? The bike is fairly new.



  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    Fitting new bars isn't too tricky - provided you keep to the same width, then you don't need to adjust the cable length. You should be able to do it without removing the cables too.
    1. Remove bar end plugs & carefully unwrap the bar tape - you should be able to use it again.
    2. Remove any tape securing the cables
    3. Release the clamp bands for the levers - screw heads under hoods and slide levers free
    4. Undo the face plate on the stem and remove bars
    5. Reassembly is reverse order of above
    6. Make sure you get levers level - use a straight-edge or spirit level - a quick test ride will confirm they're in the right position / level
    7. Tape the cables in place with electrical tape
    8. Rewrap bar tape and fit bar plugs
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  • Is this something that is likely to be covered by Trek? The bike is fairly new.

    No why should they? You had clipless moment. Tbh I'd switch it over yourself, it's not hard. You just need allen keys. 2/4 bolts for bar end of the stem, one each for shifters, job done. Should do it in 30 minutes. You could get the bike shop to wrap the bar tape on though probably do a better job than a noob.
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  • amaferangaamaferanga Posts: 6,789
    If the bars are bent I wouldn't use them. Get them replaced asap.
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