Rotor noise.

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Hi all,

** Warning - Newbie question alert **

Got a new bike - Cube LTD Comp, and it's only about a week old now. I noticed a few times while I have been oot an' aboot on it, that the front rotor seems to sometimes make a "chink" noise, or a "kerrrchink", and sometimes a "kerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrclank", or something like that. It sounds like metal rubbing on metal for a second or two, and sometimes three seconds. Maybe even four.

Anyone know what causes this ?

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    I'm assuming the bike hasn't got "floating" rotors fitted which can sometimes make a clunk.

    But as a start make sure the bolts connecting the rotor to the hub are all tight.

    In fact being a new bike, for the first few rides, check lots of bolts as new bikes have the tendacy to work their nuts and bolts loose.

    This is why when shops give a free checkup after a few weeks of riding, it's worth taking them up on the offer so that anything that is lose can be checked over.
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  • Cheers. Will have a check this weekend and see if anything needs tightening.

    The bike shop did give a voucher for a free service, but not until 12 months after purchase date.
    Everyone has the right to say stupid things. But some people abuse the privilage.
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    Bed the brakes in. A lot of noises disappear once you've had the bike for a few weeks. The first two noises you described sound a lot like the pad spreader tapping the rotor (doesn't do any harm, just annoying, and takes a lot of faffing to get it to stop), and the third noise sounds just like the sintered pads brushing the rotor, or dirt in the caliper.
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    I think your voucher should be used within 12 months, not after 12 months.
    Bike shops normally give you a first service free to check and adjust everything.
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  • My LBS say have the first free service after about 100 miles. I did this, then had some odd noises and adjustments needed about 50 miles later and they sorted that for nothing as well. They are top blokes, luckily for me. If it is not far to go, why not take it in and show them? It undoubtedly shouldn't be making the noises and it might be something that needs sorting sooner rather than late and you shouldn't lose your first service as a result but then I guess one bike shop is not the same as another.