garmin edge 800 heartrate monitor belt

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Been reading more and more about this new toy.
Think Garmin have a winner here - apart from the price.

Anyway, the heart rate monitor belt - my current garmin hrm belt is good but i do tend to have issues with it slipping, yet if i tighten it up it seems to produce very inaccurate readings. I actually ended up buying a second belt but have experienced exactly the same :x
I have been trying to find out if the new style hrm belts are compatible with other garmin devices - ie will the new ones work with the edge 500 or the 705??

anyone have any info on this?


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    you can check interoperability of ant+ devices here... ... ectory.php?

    both garmin hrm chest sensors are in there (the 800 is not, it isn't a finished product yet) so you can see which ant+ computers etc. they work with (both garmin and non-garmin)
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  • le_boss
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    just looking, and do you think the soft strap might solve the problem of the belt slipping and giving inaccurate data? is it a better and more snug fit?
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    The soft strap has a bit of reputation for giving erroneous HR readings, more so than the standard one. Having said that I've had no problems at all with the soft strap.

    I'd expect the 800 to use the same soft strap that the Edge 500 and FR 310XT use.
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    on the new edge 800 premium strap you dont need to wet the electrodes. is that the same on the current soft strap?? - i have searched and can only find 1 garmin softstrap