Crohn's Disease

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I've had CD for 8 years and things have been pretty stable until a a couple of years ago.

I think it coincides with an increase in my riding and starting to push things a little harder.

I'm trying some new drug treatments to help settle things down.

I am wondering if there are any other people with CD out there and I how do you fair when training?


  • Hi Tofu

    I've had Crohn's for about 20 years now, but only took up riding seriously about a year ago. Overall, I think it has helped quite a lot - losing some weight, improving my fitness, just getting out and about and getting some fresh air all seem to have been beneficial.

    Obviously there are restrictions on what I can do - all-day epic rides in the middle of nowhere aren't really practical :lol: And I tend to ride on my own rather than in a group so as to not inconvenience people if I'm not feeling well and have to cancel or head home early. It's also very easy to underestimate just how much not feeling well for a while can take it out of you and run you down.

    The thing I've found with my Crohn's is that in the same way that it can get worse for no apparent reason it can also get better. Sometimes there seems to be no logic to it and it just goes in random phases.

    Fingers crossed that the new drugs start working for you.