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Giant Defy 2

WraithWarrior23WraithWarrior23 Posts: 35
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OK, so after nearly a year of wanting a new road bike I finally got one. This is only my second road bike and my first was a really cheap one, so riding this is absolutely fantastic. It feels so much more comfortable and is alot more responsive.



I even have it personalised :)


  • carl_pcarl_p Posts: 989
    Nice bike, good choice.

    Giant SCR2 was my first road bike and they're great value for money. I replaced the stock Kendas with Conti GP4000S and they improved the bike no end. Would highly recommend them as your first upgrade.

    Like the name decals, where did you get them from?
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  • Thanks and so far Im loving it. My handlebar tapes coming loose abit but no problems other than that.

    I was gonna get some new tyres anyway, but didnt think new tyres would make it that much better.

    Thanks, I got them from this ebay shop. I had a problem in that they didnt arrive for a few weeks and when I contacted them they said they had been sent, but sent a new lot out anyway, which arrived 2 days later
  • very nice bike there & really loving the decals....

    think i may have to purchase some 8)
  • good choice 8) , ive got the same. swapped tyres for a set of kryllion carbons and felt much better. more confidence when cornering for me.

    bar tapes also coming loose on mine aswell so guess it's just cheap tape.
  • Had the 2008 version for a couple of years and only just swapped the tyres and would certainly suggest you do ASAP. I have the red Schwalbe Blizzard folding tyre - more comfortable, better looking, faster rolling and easy to change which was certainly not the case with the Kenda's. They aren't renowned tyres but at £20 they feel like a big upgrade.

    I like yours - very nice. :)
  • Well I think tyres are a needed upgrade then, will get them in a week or 2 then.

    Thanks guys :D
  • Ditto on the bar take coming loose, had my bike 4 months now.

    With the suggested tyre changes are any better or worse now that we heading into the winter months?

  • I chose the Schwalbes as they were quite light, claimed to have a level of puncture resistance, had a red stripe to match my bike and were a reasonable cost. There are 'better' or more regularly suggested winter tyres though if you do a search or 2 on here. They were fitted to my best bike which I have now upgraded to some Pro 3's.

    My bar tape was replaced early on as well.
  • TommyEssTommyEss Posts: 1,855
    Definitely change the tyres - those Kendas are not nice. Good for the turbo I guess.

    I've got a Defy 3 as my winter bike (so same frame) - and she's a great ride - enjoy!!
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  • Ben6899Ben6899 Posts: 9,545
    TommyEss wrote:
    Definitely change the tyres - those Kendas are not nice. Good for the turbo I guess.

    I have the Kenda Criteriums on my Bowery and they're shite. When the bike's promoted from chip shop duty to winter training duty, they'll be gone!

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