recovery from artthroscopy

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had an arthroscopy on my knee to remove some manglked cartledge last week and already bored out of my mind sitting on the sofa.

anyone got any hints & tips for speeding up recovery and getting back on the bike sooner? also, how long has it taken people to get back on the bike?


  • i had an arthroscopy for the exact same reason... I was up and walking (on crutches) within a few hours, and 2 days later walking unaided!

    Back in the gym a few weeks after!

    The GP just told me to keep moving!
  • mmh, hopsital negllected to give me any crutches! Mainly been hobling around like a man with a wooden leg.

    5 days in still can't bend the knee particularly, but good news about being able to get back to the gym in a couple of weeks.

    how long before you were back on the bike?
  • I had quite a lot of damage to the knee other than the cartlidge (hense the crutches lol).

    hummm... back then I was playing rugby... I was back in light training within 3 weeks, back on the pitch within 6!

    I think the best thing I did was lying on my back and slowly bending and extending about 10 times 3 times a day.

    It was fairly swolen too so I did ice it a bit too but only lightly!
  • good stuff, cheers pal
  • no worries!

    were you knocked out or kept awake during the op? I would have loved to watch :(
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    Back on the bike by 6 weeks, easy at first, then back to full power about month later.
  • cheers splotboy - i shall be counting the weeks.

    northern monkey - had a general, offered me a epidural but the quickest way out of the hopsital was the general (also didin't fancy p*ssing myself which is apparently quite common with an epidural).

    sanly tried to leave too early and passed out in the carpark - other knee now hurts! Major fail on my part!
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    Going in for mine in first thing tomorrow. Busy scoffing the contents of the fridge before my fasting 'nil by mouth' kicks in.

    Seem to remember being on a ergo within in week after my first op.. but it did hurt a bit.
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    Got in on crutches, barely, and one of my toddlers - then - ran across the room as a I lay on the couch, shouting "DADDY!!!"

    Launched himself like an Exocet, straight onto my stitched up leg.

    From that moment I knew what the expression, "Hot Knife Through Butter" was all about...
  • I had my second arthroscopy at the end of July and it was a month before I got back on the bike and it took another couple of weeks to get going properly.

    I've got a lot of experience of dodgy knees and rehab and the key lessons learnt are DO THE EXERCISES!!! and make sure you keep the leg elevated in the first week when resting, take the anti-inflammatory meds and ice the knee regularly particularly at before bed/at the end of the day.

    You should be able to get in the gym after a week/10 days and I found the Spinner on a low setting very helpful for getting range of motion back. If any sharp pains are felt during exercise concentrate on flexibility moves/stretches and quad strengthening bodyweight stuff e.g. leg raises etc

    Stick to the rehab but don't push it too hard initially, your knee will be pretty bruised inside and once this settles down you'll notice a big difference.

    have a look at his: ... copy_5.htm
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    Had mine yesterday. Cartlidge and patella repaired. ChingBling is right .. do the exercises! Physio advised non twisting single plane excercises within about 2 weeks.. light spinning and ergo work.

    Mostly importantly get your other half to do all the housework, cleaning, etc and wait on you hand and foot :D
    Why tidy the house when you can clean your bike?
  • How did I forget that mr dog?!?

    Also avoid the kids poking your knee while the stitches are in, it hurts big time.

    Played football today 6 weeks post-op so don't despair sofa.
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    Don't do the football dude. Thats what put here in the first place. If you have to avoid multi step overs and hammer throwers with crunching tackles. Remember if you want to ride again there is no such thing as a 50-50..just let them have it. :)

    You have a finite amount of cartilage.. like supermarket mark downs.. when its gone its gone. Wouldn't like to climb on replacement joint.

    The sun is out here and I'm tempted to just sit on my bike in the back garden and dream of a little pedal action.
    Why tidy the house when you can clean your bike?
  • cheers for the input guys, doing the excercise religously and a week post opp things are coming along nicely.

    reckon in another couple of weeks i'll be ready for an easy saunter on the bike