Streatley Hill , STREATLEY, BERKS ------CLOSED--------

Russell Smith
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If anyones thinking of trekking up there (as I did) , not sure how long for. :(:(


  • shame that, it's an excellent hill -I guess if you are desperate for a climb you could always head down through Goring and then climb up to Woodcote, but it's not quite the same is it? Do you have any idea on the gradient of Streatley Hill - I used to live in Wallingford several years ago and it was one of my favourites in the area.
  • newtez2
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    i will check it out tonight as im in the area later!
    hills are made for climbing .....
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  • Monty Dog
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    I just know it hurts riding up in 50x16 fixed, particularly the last little kick. It's probably not much more than 10% but the dead start from the bottom doesn't help. Good cafe in Goring though!
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  • ChrisSA
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    You could always do St Peter's Hill in Caversham - slightly in the same area.
  • According to work colleague that lives in Goring & commutes to Newbury. The roadworks are finished and road is open. The pedestrian crossing at bottom of hill and changed junction with some resurfacing was due for completion for 3/9 but finished on 6/9.