Are bib knickers worth getting?

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Is it worth buying bib knickers with fleecy lycra? Currently I use fleece knee warmers then change to full tights when it gets really cold. Is there any advantage to be gained with bib knickers? They would have to be as comfy as my Assos bib shorts so that would mean spending a bit.


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    Not really.
  • Yes.

    I have some Assos F1.13's and I just bought some DHB bib knickers for the 'chilly-but-not-that-cold' days. They are VERY good... okay, the pad is not quite as good as the F's, but for 1/4 of the price my ass has yet to notice the difference.

    I was wearing full tights over my F's, but that's too hot in the intermediate weather.
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  • Only thing about the DHB's is, if you have legs like mine, they're just short of the ankle!
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    I wouldn't bother if you have knee warmers already
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    no, knee warmers and bib shorts are fine for cooler days, and for deep winter proper tights
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    Just get the Assos ones or you could get Roubaix bib shorts like the Pearl Izumi ones, the Santini Sirio and the Northwave vertigo.