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Hey, autumn is nearly upon us.
Now I have found in the past that my knees can get a bit stiff in the cold, but I don't like wearing leg or knee warmers. Why not? Well I find that they are all too thick! All the leg and arm warmers I have found are all thicker winter weight material like Roubaix. If I need that much protection it would be winter anyway and I would get out the tights and jackets. I don't get wearing a winter thickness warmer with a single layer lycra short.

So please help: has anyone found on the net a normal lycra single layer warmer, no thicker than your standard team shorts?

Thanks, Graeme, Manchester


  • Scrumple
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    try a pair of nylon stockings?

    And perhaps suzzies....
  • I have Mavic ones which are pretty thin. Much thinner than my Assos ones.

    Another alternative is to get 3/4 length lycra bibs like the new Assos tK.434, and the outgoing T Knicker.
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    Scrumple wrote:
    try a pair of nylon stockings?

    I remember seeing a Flemish old-timers doing this for an early start - he just ripped them off half-way round :shock:
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • Just bought some Assos one's extremely comfortable!
  • assos have arm ones called sun screens, they are white and thin. I use them and they are great as like you I find the thicker roubaix type ones far too hot and if its cold enough to wear those sort I've got other kit on anyway

    altho I do have some nice Solo knee warmers, a bit Norah Battyish tho as they crinkle up but they feel very nice