Too much choice ! Please help

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I have decided to get a second £1000 C2W voucher as I have just finished paying for my first. Voucher is to be used at Halfords and as my first purchase was a Planet X Carbon SL roadbike, I had decided to buy a Boardman FS Team for £999 to use on some local trails and general off road stuff. I'm not a hardcore rider by any means but it seems to make sense to take advantage of the scheme as we pay back over 3 years interest free and buying a good bike means it will last me for many years.

However, Halfords are now offering 15% discount on a variety of other bikes which seems tempting. Can get Voodoo Canzo for £918, GT Idrive for £850, and Carrera Banshee for £808.

Question is should I seriously consider these offers as any of the bikes would do the job as I can get a voucher for a lower amount or stick with my original Boardman which seems to get glowing reports from everywhere and is the lightest bike.

Any help appreciated - but please don't suggest any others!!



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    Halfords C2W vouchers are for the full RRP, you can't use them in conjunction with any of their 'special' offers.
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    Have been told by the Halfords lady that I can order on line to get the discount and collect in store. I think RRP is for other makes which they have to source. She seemed quite confident.

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    They are currently selling some 2008 Banshees with air front and rear for £600.....

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  • What model of Idrive is it?

    Ive had an Idrive 3.0 for about 3 years now and absolutely love the bike, so glad I bought it. Only thing Ive upgraded in that time are the crappy Hayes brakes that came with it to Hope Mono Minis, and got them to swap the spd's that came with it for some V8s.