Scott FB OR Boardman Hybrid

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Hi new here and need some help with chosing a road bike to do some general training and road miles on with an aim to get a bit fitter and lose a stone in weight.

I am 46yo, 13st, 5ft 8in Tall. I currently ride an idrive 5 GT mountain bike off and on road but the on road work is slow and i don't seem to be getting any fitter or faster despite going out for at least 10 miles 3 times a week. ( not far i know but a start non the less )

I have had surgury on my hands and wrists in the past and i cannot ride with low or dropped bars as they cause me a lot of pain so i need a flat bar bike, I will be using my cycle to work scheme via my employer and have ( i think ) whittled down my choices to the following two bikes

Scott Speedster S20 30sp Flat Bar

Boardman Performance Hybrid Pro Ltd

I am hoping that the forum users here at bike radar can help me with the final choice, All advice welcome, thanks to all in advance.


  • Polite bump - realy could do with some advice please
  • hi mate, i did similar research this time last year. the only one i wanted was the boardman! but my company used cyclesheme which doesnt let you go to halfords!

    loads of bike for the cash.

    i ended up with a ridgeback flight 04 in the end coz i was thinking low maintenance (hub gears). i also looked at the giant rapids for similar price to boardman. both basically flat bar road bikes.