wierd muscle problem

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6 weeks ago i gave up smoking using patches and spray. i was fairly fit doing regular 3- 4 hour rides but since coming off the fags my muscles feel really weak and i get out of breath walking up stairs. ive looked into side effects of the nicotine replacment but nothing came up about these symptoms. i even thougt i may have pushed myself too hard on a ride so i rested for a week then went on a ride, my legs were really weak and i was very breathless after about 30 mins i couldnt carry on.
any ideas anyone PLEASE.
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  • I have generally no idea what could be causing that.

    When I quite smoking I didn't get any of those problems.
  • angry_bird
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    go see your doctor... or MTFU... or in all seriousness haven't got a clue, stress??? but yeah, ask a doctor oh and hope you feel better soon
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    if you are at all worried go see your doctor and dont take advice from the interwebs

    but just in case you do

    im an expert in giving up for *cough* short periods

    last attempt 01/01/10 till june :?

    i always go through a phase of feeling crap at the 6-8 week point, its your body having one last push at getting you back on the fags

    week 8-10 you will be back to pretty much normal levels of oxygen in your blood and will fly on your bike.

    dont be weak like me and keep off em :P