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Campag Athena Index problem

gwillisgwillis Posts: 998
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Im at my wits end so any help would be great.

I have a 11sp Campag setup which is playing up at the moment. The main issue being that im having problems shifting up and down on the middle of the rear cassette. Ive have checked that everthing is inline and tried from scratch to adjust the tension from slack to where it allows me to change up the first few gears using the big chain ring and also the lower . I get it almost spot on but when I ride the bike chinging seems very harsh and on the middle of the cassette it often sticks requiring a few click of the levers to get it to shift.

My LBS said that there must be a kink in the cable but I cant see it and the bike being on 500 miles old is slowly driving me mad. Any Ideas before I cross defect to shimano ultegra


  • MRaddMRadd Posts: 205
    Have you tried a new cable? Its possible the kink is in the outer cable.

    Try and set the tension of the cable so that the mech is perfectly inline with the middle cog on the rear block.

    Oh and don't defect to Ultegra... Go for Force!
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  • gwillisgwillis Posts: 998
    I had another tweak this morning and think ive resolved it after following what you suggested and fine tuning it bit by bit

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