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Silver GT Avalanche Disc Stolen S.London 04/09/2010

tenmantaylortenmantaylor Posts: 9
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Hey guys,

Suppose this is worth a shot. My Silver GT Avalanche 1.0 Disc MTB got stolen from my house on Southey Road near Oval/Stockwell last night. It's been reported to the police but I dont have insurance.

Bike frame number: F080602975



Silver Aluminium 20" Frame GT Avalanche 1.0 Disc, 18 months old and in perfect condition. £500 brand new. Bought from Evans bikes Chiswick, green sticker on inside of frame.
Black Suntour front suspension forks.
Tektro auriga Disc brakes front and back
All shimano Deore gears
Silver solid metal DMR pedals.
Specialized branded seat.
Specialized armadillo road tyres.
Cateye front and rear lights (rear one permanently on, damaged)
Underside of downtube has a small dent in it.
Rear mud guard (not in pic)

Contacted local bike shops and gonna go to brick lane tomorrow with some friends with proof of ownership.

If you have any other ideas as to where stolen bikes end up from the area I'd appreciate it as I'm not insured and might do some searching around.


[email protected]


  • I'll keep an eye out round Acton/Ealing way as Chiswick isn't that far away. Hope you get it back!
    Cotic BFE MK II
  • Thanks Matt.

    Is it worth posting notices offering a reward around locally? It's not the nicest part of London I might add... not sure if it's a good idea to meet some local gang members with cash in my sky rocket.
  • No worries, i wouldn't just in case, have you been round the bike shops in Chiswick? i know theres a couple in Acton as well so i if i'm in the area i'll pop in and ask, i haven't seen anything yet, sorry. I had my GT Chucker nicked right outside my uni with people no doubt watching them do it in Acton.
    Cotic BFE MK II
  • How censored was the timing for the tube strike?! Got stuck gridlocked in a bus about 5 minutes walk from my house with 100s of cyclists a minute filing past! 20 mins late for work. Couldnt have been a worse time to get commuting bike knicked...

    Put some posters up anyway. Got confirmation from police that local CCTV was pointing at my house and recording at time of incident, should hear back Thursday.
  • Matt,

    GT Chucker for sale

    The mobile number can be attributed to: by Derick Marcus (same lines!) Danny

    Thats four bikes, four names same mobile. All in last year or so. Legit? Unlikely.

    As for my bike, CCTV was pointing at my house and recording at the time of theft. Spoke to CCTV operator today, the picture isn't clear enough to even make a person out let alone a face. What's the point in having it then? Placebo effect maybe? May aswell turn them off and sack the operator for Dave Camerons cutbacks.
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