Do fat... *cough* big boned people go through more tyres?

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Since I started riding on some more rocky paths aroun the South Downs here Ive had a few punctures in the back tyre.

Last time I decided I had enough so I got a wider tyre and got a DH tube and put a kevlar liner in it! It kinda worked since I havent had any punctures since but I checked the tyre closely yesterday and saw lots of small slices/cuts/splits in the tyre (not perished rubber :P ) Only had this one for 3-4 months max and it looks like Ill need a new one soon? lol

I weigh 17st so I guess the back tyre takes a bit of a beating on a hard tail! Do other similarly gravity challenged people have problems with tyres dying quickly?


  • I'm 16 stone and have not had an issue with UST Ignitors, High Rollers or Captai2Bliss which are pretty thin. Only issue I had was a small slit in my Trail Rakers but I'm sure that was because I left the rubber outside ober the summer. Sounds like there's some sharp bits and pieces around your trails.
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    NO cant get a 26inch around my waist

    mrs maks had to cut me out :oops:

    but i am heavier than you and ride xc on cheap tyres never had a problem, cept for them damn thorns :)
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    im a big wobbly 19 odd stone bloke and ive never worn a tyre out
  • I'm a fat f*ck..........and yes I wear tyres out.
    Mainly side wall gashes from the rocky bits, yet to wear out the tread completely.
    Also shed a spare tyre in the process of busting sidewalls too.
    Still have a few spare tyres to go :shock:
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    Only if you pour onion gravy over em.

    They look like a Cumberland sausage then.

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    I go through tyres like a baby does nappies...19 stone and hard on my bike

    WTB velociraptor , Panaracer Fire XC , Cinder. Trailraker..all good for a long time

    IRC , Maxxis advantage Kenda Nevagal , Continental Speed kings , Intense system 4's died quickly

    just my two penneth
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    I'm 16 odd stone an I ve worn out a set of Maxxis High Roller 2.35 (the medium durometer ones, what are they?) in about 2 years - seems OK to me?!

    My normal size riding buddy has worn out a set of Panaracer Cinders in less time...?
    We're in danger of confusing passion with incompetence
    - @ddraver
  • No, but we go through more cakes :D
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    I guess the route I do most of my riding isn't very forgiving on tyres:\ The mixture of loose flint and flint fixed in dried mud/hard pack doesnt help lol
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    im a big wobbly 19 odd stone bloke and ive never worn a tyre out
    Thats becouse you never actually ride your bike

    I like bikes and stuff
  • 17 1/2 stone on hard tail and nave never worn a tyre out but put a fer rocks through them.
    I run proper tubless tyres on Mavic rims and some tyres just dont seem to cope with the rocks well.
    Worst was Maxis Advantage 2.1 just 2 rides and rock had punched through tyre against rim, plugged the big hole to get me home but did not trust the repair to keep using (maybe the wider version would be better?)
    Ran Conti explorers and Vertical with no problems even had rocks push tyre against the rim with nor problem untill I forgot to check the pressure and rode with about 20 psi which destroyed the Vertical.
    Running Maxis Highroller 2.35 LUST which seems to take a hiding well although that does seem to be wearing quite quickly on the rear. Got a Conti rubber Queen to try on the rear when weather gets wetter and just put a Maxxis Ardent on the front.

    Hate to think how many pinch flats I would have had with tubes though. Will never go back to tubes
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    16st on a good day, I can wear out a rear 2.35 60a high-roller in 6 months or so.

    Just binned one with only the mearest suggestion of tread left, but usually I go through the sidewall. I run about 35psi on the rear (30 front) and after a few months I get the diagonal wear stripes on the sidewall, these usually go through at the 6 month mark.

    My tyres take a lot of abuse though, I'm smashing around the trail centres most weekends i think the manmade gritty surface gives the tread the good news.

    I run a supertacky front though and they last forever.
  • Maybe the fact that we have to ride at higher pressures effects the longevity of tires, if people were having problems with that...
    '09 Rocky Mountain Fusion
  • I suppose I am a little heavy at about 13.5 stones....again cycle the south downs, north downs and Afan. Not sure if I am incredibly unlucky - but
      Shredded 2 panaracer Fire XC's and a Maxxis Crossmark at Afan in 2 days Worn out a Conti MK 2.2 UST in 8 months Split the sidewall of a Raceking UST This is within the last year. :(
  • I just put a similar post on here because im about the same weight and have wrecked the 2.35 enduros that came on my spesh . then to list the tyres ive torn
    2.1 panracer fire xc pros . too thin.
    maxxis 2.35 ignitors . side wall tear .
    maxxis advantage , cant remember the size , but again ,side wall.
    just an aside ,,,,, there seem to be a few of us bigger blokes riding bikes :lol:
    must be the beer that keeps us going .
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    thaibog wrote:
    I go through tyres like a baby does nappies...19 stone and hard on my bike

    You must seriously enjoy your cycling :wink:

    I am 16 stone and haven't found much issue with wearing the tyres out. I thought the ruined tyre walls only happened after I punctured and travelled a few meters before it stopped. Might have to keep a closer eye on how it's wearing out now...

    I do always run a high pressure in my tyres though, especially the rears since they tend to be low quality/grip ones that are cheap as I don't mind the back sliding too much.
    Current steed is a '07 Carrera Banshee X
    + cheap road/commuting bike
  • Wore out a 2.5 Maxxis High Roller in a week.
    though it was in Morzine with a 42a durometer
    6 years riding bikes, 8 broken bones, gravity can be a b**ch
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    I go through more tyres and more cakes.
    Why would I care about 150g of bike weight, I just ate 400g of cookies while reading this?