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dmch2dmch2 Posts: 731
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I've got my new road bike on order after having lots of fun with a hybrid on the road. What's going to be different on my road bike?

I'm moving from straight bars to drops, pedals to SPDs, 1.75" lightly treaded to 23mm slick tyres etc etc.

I've had a quick go on a mate's road bike so I'm prepared for feeling less stable and getting more acceleration and less drag. But what else do I need to do differently?

I'm assuming:
    use the drops all the time so I can reach the brakes get used to the lack of stability and different riding position get used to the SPDs (lots of practice somewhere soft beforehand) take even more care to avoid potholes

what else? Anybody got any links perhaps?
2010 Trek 1.5 Road - swissstop green, conti GP4000S
2004 Marin Muirwoods Hybrid


  • danowatdanowat Posts: 2,877
    I only use drops about 5-10% of the time when "normal" riding", stabilty on my roadie is no different to my hybrid TBH.

    The only difference I find is the roadie is a bit "harsher" to ride, and its MUCH quicker for a given effort
  • Fly past people on hybrids :lol:
    Say... That's a nice bike..
    Trax T700 with Lew Racing Pro VT-1 ;-)
  • Fly past people on hybrids :lol:

    I'm still new to cycling and haven't figured out how to make my bike fly yet. :lol:
    getting faster, fitter, and skinnier by the day!
  • dmch2dmch2 Posts: 731
    I spent much of my 28 miler this afternoon trying to practice remembering to unclip for when i get the trek. I think i'd have fallen over 3 times plus another few when i got lucky as nothing was coming at the junction.
    Where do i buy knee, hip and shoulder pads?
    2010 Trek 1.5 Road - swissstop green, conti GP4000S
    2004 Marin Muirwoods Hybrid
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