MTB tracks in Hermitage Newbury Area /Seeking Ridebuddy

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hey guys
im new to the area, i have moved to Hermitage near Newbury and im looking for a ride buddy and some where decent to ride, i have found the forest near cold ash but im looking for some good downhill tracks, im aware of swinley forest but im looking for somewhere closer to me in hermitage

Any advice or anyone who fancies a new ride buddy then get in touch,



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    Are you at 42 Engr Regt by any chance?

    There's meant to be some ok stuff up towards Pangbourne. Otherwise, the woods around Buckleberry are ok and there's some ok.

    I'll write a proper reply later, off back to work.
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    im on pinewood crescent if thats any help on the new estate in hermitage

    I have been around bucklebury and its nice along there but im looking for some good downhill stuff and single tracks, what to learn to be a better rider ideally

    I will give Pangbourne a go but i wouldnt know where to start around there though

    any ideas?

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    Greenham Common also has some ok singletrack. There used to be a shop (Badger cycles i think) in Newbury that did regular night rides. not sure if they're are still there or not.

    Where have you moved to Hermitage from?

    When i lived in Hermitage most of my riding was over Swinley or the Surrey Hills to be honest. You'll grow to 'love' the Winter mud around Hermatraz aswell :wink: .

    Otherwise the Ridgeway, Marlborough Downs, Inkpen Hills and the Plain. I think you'll have to go up to Aston Hill to find any real DH stuff, it's just off the B4009 that passes through Hermitage, but it takes an age to get there.
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  • yeah i looked at the aston hill, it takes about 1:30mins to get there which would be great but i would like something alot closer, but i will give it a go at some point.

    i lived in reading for 6years and then moved in with my gf in hermitage recently, but im just dying to get on my bike and give it a good thrashing.

    and when you mean hermatrax you mean hermitage?

    where abouts are you based then?

    And do you fancy riding sometime soon?

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    Hermatraz is what the local squaddies call Hermitage.... there is no escape.

    It's my home regiment, but i haven't been based there for a couple of years. I currently live in Germany so hooking up is a bit out of the question sorry. I may eventually end up back there, but it won't be for at least 2 years.

    It is a lovely area if you like the quiet life.
    Forget your heart, it's your bank i wanna break, it's just yer money i'm after baby...

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    I live in Newbs and the only place I know round here is Greenham Common, but it isn't great if you have skill (I don't, so it's still fine for me).

    Other than that I can't say there is anything great, but if you ever fancy a ride I'd be happy to meet up.
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  • Hello mate,

    I'm in a similar situation around here although it's even flatter where I am, Abingdon area. I think you must just be gaining the attention of all the squaddies who've been imprisoned in the flat south here!

    The army have posted me to this area and the only place I've found to ride is Aston Hill. I've just looked on google maps and the fastest route for you to get there goes straight past me so If you fancy sharing petrol I'm in!

    I'm looking at riding alot more in the next few months and went upto Aston for the first time this weekend. Amazing! Some really technical DH, definatly worth the £6 entry fee. I'd usually go up there Wednesday afternoons or any weekend I don't head back up North.

    Let me know

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  • Si,

    I'm just getting back into riding after a few years off - used to race DH and dirt jump but have an all mountain bike now and would love to find someone else to ride with. Ping me an email to - are you about this weekend?