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Hi I am considering whether I need a winter mtb or a road bike to stay in shape in the winter. Any thoughts?


  • Either will do the job. It all depends on what riding you like to do and where you are planning to ride. Riding a MTB off-road in the winter will improve your bike handling skills and pedaling efficiency.
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    i use mountain bike in the winter and roadie in the summer. have you tried 23mm tyres on ice 30 mph sideways, scary stuff.
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    Mountain bike all year round, just change gear (tyres/clothing) etc to suit.

    I think the ground conditions and weather help you improve for the summer riding.
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  • Thanks for the advice guys, just done my first proper year mountain biking and still at that stage where better riders disappear going up hill. I had heard that road biking might get me more on the pace but looks like its best to stick to the mtb.
  • I would say do both and ride consistently. If you have an mtb then I would suggest getting a road bike. Yes its a bit more boring and not as fun but the fitness benefits from riding on the road are excellent. Its the consistent pedaling you will notice the most, when do you ever pedal non-stop for 2 hours on the mtb?

    Personally I do lots of mtb in the spring/summer when the trails are in better condition and use the road bike to build/maintain fitness in the winter. Its also easier to clean and maintain when the weather is pants.