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  • Waylander
    Your right about the Twrch torching your legs, it is not so much the incline or length of the climb, more the technicality.
    I remember a few years ago being able to clean the Twrch on a Kona hardtail, but through time and use the trail has become really worn away and rocky, maybe it has become a victim of its own success, IMO if the climb was smoothed out a little (some of the larger rocks removed) then it would ride better.

    But I am aware that would take some of the alure away from the trail , If you can master the Twrch climb most other trails would come easily.

    My fave section is Odin :D , but IMO The Twrch cant compete with Whites Level , but hey life is all about opinions :) . I think we are lucky to have some crackin trails all within an hours drive. :)

    Hopefully by the end of the winter i will be close to the magic one hour time :shock:
  • I was over there yesterday afternoon, started off about 2.15. Was slippy on the climb as you say., Takes me 50-55 minutes just to do the climb, and about 35 minutes down. I am not the fittest/youngest, but how anyone can do the whole lot under an hour amazes me.

    Caught up with someone on the way down who kindly let me past, 20 meters later I hit a magnetic tree stump in middle of track and straight over bars in front of him :oops:

    Was going to go round again, but started to rain, so couldn't be bothered.

    PS what's it like at night, may have to try it now nights drawing in.

  • Its dark
  • welshkevwelshkev Posts: 9,690
    Its dark


    i do know people who ride it at night, but fook that. i came off once going into the woods wearing sunglasses in the evening cos my visability obviously dropped.

    riding it in the way!!!! :shock:
  • Lol yes i would ahte for the climb to be smoothed out anymore than it already has.

    it would ruin the trail for me i think the whole trails i s a wonderful rocky techincal little trail.
    And i think the reason i like Twrch better than whits is other than windy point, the downs on Whites actually go up as much as i swear to pedally for really attacking. Where the Twrch the downs are definately down, and you can grab so much speed with out having to even try.
  • Its dark

    And being a trail centre I thought they would have under track lighting :D

    I can't get there until Mid /late afternoon normally, so will have to be in dark or not at all until spring!

    I'll give it a go possibly :D

  • Hope you have got some good lights, take your time and avoid the roots and rocks :D
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