anyone done the london to brighton ride?

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my boss has just told me that he's thinking of putting a company team into the BHF london to brighton ride and was wondering if anyone has done it?

i know it's 54 miles but is it pretty easy?




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    Not done it myself, never intend to.

    My mate did it this year and was frustrated by the amount of walking he had to do. Plus the ball-ache of getting home again....

    Enough to put me off. I'll do my own 55-miler if I want to - not a fan of big organised charity rides.
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    Yep, i did it this year.
    I was hoping it to be more of a challenge than it was in the end, as there was far to much walking due to ditchling beacon being closed while they choppered someone out... i was waiting around for about 3 hours out of the 8 hours i was in the seat for.

    However, it was a good laugh as there were a few of us doing it, one who had not cycled in 4 years except for a 1 mile ride the day before with a borrowed bike from the train station to his house...

    I enjoyed it, will do it again, but sure as hell not at 9:30 again - next year i'm aiming at a 7 am start.
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  • I agree with everything said above. The ride itself isnt that hard, apart from Ditchling Beacon near the end. Set off very early and you should avoid the worst of the crowds. We set of at 630 I think and it was a relatively free run all the way.
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    Did it a few years back, as the others have said get out early to avoid the crowds. I had to walk ditchling beacon as I had done no training before it, apart from that its a very easy ride.

    Get someone to get you home as they didn't allow bikes on trains a few years back, which was helpful!
  • I did it in 2006 and it wasn't so bad. Did it with my missus' work at the last minute as a load of people had pulled out. Rode a full sus Enduro bike and bounced the 56 miles!

    As it was last minute I did no training whatsoever, went out the night before and got utterly smashed around London and to compensate drank in every pub along the way. I still managed just over 5hrs so it really isn't that hard.

    I won't lie though, I was chin strapped by the end and had to lie on Brighton beach eating BBQ, downing cold lager and staring at hot women in bikinis for ages before I could move again!

    Agree with the above though, getting back is a ball ache if you don't have transport.

    DO IT!
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