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Triple Chainring upgrade.

daveydave43daveydave43 Posts: 200
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Hi guys.
sorry if this seems a bit of a muppet question, did a search and didnt see anything.

Right, the chainrings on My Caad 4 R600 triple (2002) need to be replaced, i am doing the chain and cassette as well but the problem is where i have been shopping for a replacement, and im confused as to whether i need a specific middle chainring for the triple, or if i could use any 130 BCD double inner

Had a look at TA, who do specific 'middle' rings, saying that they have the ramps and pins on the inside for moving up from the granny ring. I dont use the little ring a lot imho, so this may not be such a huge issue.

1. Do i need a specific middle ring?
2. Even if i did, i only use the 30T ring occasionally, so, if i did settle on a double chainring, would it do any damage or make a huge difference?

Sorry for the long post!

(btw, before anyone lambasts me about triples and the adv of a compact, im reluctant to change shifters
Go for the break
Create a chaingang
Make sure you don't break your chain


  • You don't need a specific middle ring but shifting up from the 30 will be smoother if you do.
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