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I was recently in the states and whilst I was there took the opportunity to try a few bikes out for a potential new purchase.
Whilst I never bought one (thought i'd see what came up in the sales back home), I was hooked on a Trek Madone 5.9. I can't for the life of me remember what the frame size was I took for a spin. It was a perfect fit and I'm kind of wishing I had bought it there and then, but with the price of them now under 3k in the UK, I may be tempted.
I can't get to the shops to try one out as I'm sailing back from the states and won't be back in the UK until November, by which time there may not be many bargains left in my size.
I'm 6ft and pretty sure the bike was a 56cm. Just wondered if there are any Trek owners out there who may be of a similar size or may know the answer.
Thank you in aniticipation.


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    I'm 5ft 11' and have a 54cm Madone 5.9, there's 20cm between the seat-clamp and the saddle rails.

    I'm totally comfortable on it but I do have the stem stacked up about 5cm.

    I think it's safe to say the 56cm would suit me better (but as it was a hand-me-down I'm not complaining!) - If I were buying a new one I'd plump for the 56cm...

  • Thanks Ste

    The trek sizing charts I found on the net are quite misleading.

    How you getting on with the 5.9?

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    I really like it. It's my first really posh bike, I've never had anything that comes close to it before. I built it from frame up and my chosen additions of 50mm carbon rims and 120psi tubulars is quite unforgiving on the Leeds roads but it feels like every single bit of power I put into the pedals goes straight onto the road.

    That makes for great climbing and knock-out speed on the flat.

    Oh, just as a side note, probably worth noting that my inside leg is 32in...

    ...what does Trek sizing suggest you go with??
  • The sizing charts online suggest I go with a 58/60cm frame for someone 6ft. My inside leg is 33in.
  • I'm 6ft with a 34 inside leg
    I had a 58 madone and it was good fit, a little stretched maybe but i could have put s shorter stem on it.
    I then went to 56 new shape madone and even with the longest seat cap i couldnt put the seat at the height i needed... I think the 56 is good as long your inside leg is 33 and under..