SRAM force vs Ultegra 6700

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Would love advice on SRAM force vs Ultegra 6700. I am tempted to go for Ultegra as I haven't tried the SRAM shifting mechanism but SRAM is 300g lighter...



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    also wouldn't mind some ideas how force compared to mirage/veloce :-p
    Say... That's a nice bike..
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    300g ???

    What's the price differential?
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  • firetone
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    i think its about £100 more for Force, in the LBS. I will be getting it with a new bike though.
  • anto164
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    have to say, i loved the feel of sram when i last had a play with it. Doubletap is genious too.

    I;d give it a go if i were you before making any decisions
  • My 2p's worth.

    Having tried to get used to Rival for most of the year, I just couldn't get comfy in the hoods (which is important to me on long rides).

    The shifting with Rival is precise albeit mechanical.

    Ultegra 6700 on the other hand, suits me betters as the hoods fit my hands better (they're big hands), and the shifting in my opinion is just as good and much more refined.

    I fully appreciate the weight difference and can whole heartedly say, that since I swapped to Ultegra, the weight has not costed me any time on my rides so IMO that amount of weight makes bugger all difference.
  • I've got Ultegra 6600 on the old bike and force on the latest and plan on swapping out the Ultegra for Force as soon as it's starting to show it's age.

    Ultegra is smooth and reliable but the shifting on Force is so quick and accurate that I quickly learned to ignore the crunchy noises.

    In the end though I've got to say the most important thing is comfort, I can't stand Campagnolo brifters and always loved Shimano. I find SRAM just as comfy as Shimano even though, like Marin Maniac I have large hands.