Used Ergomo ???

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Whats the opinion on the Ergomo power meter ?

I would like to hear peoples thought specifically about the Ergomo in relation to power data, ease of use, reliability, etc.

Would also be happy to hear more general thoughts on the pro's / con's of a crank based power meter v powertap wheel


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    Didn't the company go bust? Is there any support for them these days?

    Pros and cons of PT vs. crank-based system are simple - PT is easy to switch between bikes, but restricts your wheel choice. Crank based such as SRM is less easy to switch between bikes but you can use any wheels. PT's are also significantly cheaper.

    There should also be some pedal-based systems coming out either the end of this year or next year which if they are reliable will likely prove very popular. In principle I'd much rather have one than my PT.
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  • i have heard that they went bust, and also that they have started again in 2010 ???


    how reliable are they
    how many miles do the bearing last
    do you have to send the unit off for new bearings or are they user replaceable
    cost of replacement parts
    etc etc etc

    i know that the powertap needs serviced every so often also, just trying to compare the useability and initial / running costs of the ergomo compared to others

    would be great to hear from anyone that has experienced both ergomo and another power meter