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Buy my first bike in 12 yrs now or wait?,

Mr StampMr Stamp Posts: 58
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Quite simply for general riding off road a Lapierre Zest 314 now at £1750 or wait for the Trek EX8 to possibly be reduced to a similar price next month?

Any advice would be much appreciated as i've just started to get to grips with todays bikes after knowing every nut and bolt out their 10 years ago.

Cheers all.


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Maybe try and arrange a test ride, see what feels best?
  • Mr StampMr Stamp Posts: 58
    Its finding a shop with both and the time to do so, you'd think they'd want ya money but i'm finding it hard to spend.
  • bartimaeusbartimaeus Posts: 1,812
    Ride some bikes. Buy a bike. Ride your bike.

    You can always wait for the 'next' thing, or the cheaper deal (just seen my bike for £300 less than paid for it... but without the 'extras', so I'm not too upset :D ). The trouble is that there is just too much choice these days... as sonic says, it's probably best to try some out and then buy one that feels 'right' to you. I tried a Trek EX8 and just did not like it - while I felt right at home on an Anthem X2. If only I could have afforded the X2!
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  • ilovedirtilovedirt Posts: 5,798
    If you wait for a few months, there will be a load of clearance sales on various websites etc with bikes going for silly prices so they can get the 2011 range in.
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  • EyonEyon Posts: 623
    where can you get the zesty for that price? A link would be great as thats one on my shortlist too
  • PudseypPudseyp Posts: 3,514
    The offers on the Mondraker Factor and Foxy R at Evans Cycles are also worth a look...well spec'd good looking bikes with decent discounts...though do agree in trying as many as you can..
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  • The problem with waiting for the deals is often they will be on the internet and you won't be able to easily test ride them. Sizes are often limited as well. There really is too much choice and I've been beating my head against a bike magazine for months now trying to choose - or if I am honest worrying about missing out on the perfect bike.

    My previous bike was fantastic. Went to the LBS, test rode it and within a week purchased it. Now I know too much, have read too much and have seen too much..............I'm lucky enough to have a much larger budget than you and trust me it is a blessing and a curse :?

    Good luck
  • Is the Zesty 314 too much travel too heavy should i be looking at a lighter cross country full sus bike. Too much choice, not enough time and concerned i'll miss out on a deal. Am I worrying too much, I'll change it over the years bar the frame
  • You can get good deals but the likes of the Zesty have sold well so there's unlikely to be loads of 2010 models going at really cheap prices. Try one, if you like it stop looking around and purchase it. Always going to something else to turn your head but you'd end up never purchasing anything!
  • thel33terthel33ter Posts: 2,684
    Zesty 314 is plenty light for XC, and they descent fantastically.

    @Eyon Evans cycles has 42cm and 46cm for £1749.99. Seem to remember there a new one on eBay at £1600 or so.
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