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Replacement outer ring FSA vero chainset?

Cj83Cj83 Posts: 58
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My outer ring on my FSA vero chainset (50T - 110mm) came very slightly bent when I bought my bike. I thought I'd live with it but now i'm done with spending ages trying to stop the front mech rubbing everytime i change gear. Can anyone recommend a cheapish replacement? It is a 9 speed mostly sora bike if that helps.



  • father_jackfather_jack Posts: 3,509
    I thought my chainrings were bent, as I rotated chainset the whole chainset wobbled. This causes chain rub in certain gears and no amount of tweaking the gear cable helped. Try removing all the chainrings from the chainset and refit them. After I did that hey presto chainset was straight as I span the pedals.
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  • Cj83Cj83 Posts: 58
    thanks father jack, i've removed the rings and refitted them to no avail. You've got me wondering though whether it could be some sort of misalignment of the BB or something?

    when i spin the cranks looking down from the saddle you can see the outer moving from side to side and not the smaller ring although wonder if this is just because movement would be easier to see on the bigger ring?

    think i'll try a new ring anyway if anyone can recommend one?
  • Cj83Cj83 Posts: 58
    ok i've established I need a 5 bolt 110mm BCD 50t chainring, however I can't find a 9 speed one. any ideas anyone? cheers
  • misalignment of the BB or something?
    I thought that too, could be one or more of the following

    Miss positioned bottom bracket tube, if so new frame
    Bent BB axle, not too expensive to replace
    Bent chainsets
    Offset chainset hexagonal hole, new chainset
    Didn't think bolt fittings would effect the chainset shape but there you go.

    You could try taking the whole chainset off, removing and refitting rings on the bench. And see which is bent. I noticed the larger ring had more movement, but this is because it's bigger. If one or more rings are bent (lay down flat on a piece of glass) you could try bending them back, no hard trying if you're going to throw them away. But if it's a new bike I'd go back to the shop with the bent rings and ask for replacement.
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  • sungodsungod Posts: 16,088
    afaik vero components aren't easy to get hold of, it's made for oems rather than general sale

    the vero rings do bend easily, but if you are careful you should be able to get it flat again

    don't use metal tools direct on the ring as it'll cause deep marks, use a bit of wood with a slot in it, or pad the jaws of some pliers with tough fabric

    might be worth checking the front mech adjustment as well, if the ring is only slightly out of line then you may be able to tweak the adjustment to stop the rubbing - don't go so far that it's possible to shift the chain off though!

    you'll find fd adjustment instructions here...

    look under road->sora, if your chainset is a double it's the fd-3400, triple is fd-3403

    the instructions are the ones starting si-

    if you can't get the ring flat then this might do it... ... 057&g=4434
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  • As above, definitely worth trying to bend it back.

    The FSA Omega rings in the link are identical to those on the Vero crank. Any 110mm BCD ring will fit (9 or 10 speed, doesn't matter), but most aftermarket rings are machined rather than stamped and cost a lot more (£25-30).
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