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Really nice white van man

NGaleNGale Posts: 1,866
edited September 2010 in Commuting chat
Yes they do exist and I came across one today in Exeter. One who gave me plenty of room on Alphington Road and one who thanked me for not RLJing

It happens once in a while and I feel it's worth of a mention when it does.
Officers don't run, it's undignified and panics the men


  • Easy to always focus on the negative, so good to hap tip the positive. I've had a good run recently of really curteous road behaviour, warms the heart.
  • Two good legs today traffic-wise - people had the smile on their faces. Some might have been fellow cyclists on a day off, but I guess most were probably not.
    Large delivery van behind me this morning was esp patient I thought; once I realised he was there I swung round to give a quick thumb so I guess that prob helped - we got to the next set of lights and both sailed through on green anyway so smiles all round I suppose.
    That's London for you...
    "Consider the grebe..."
  • anton1ranton1r Posts: 272
    After my missus had crashed into a school girl who had stepped out from between 2 cars without looking.

    It was WVM/window cleaners that stopped to check if they were both ok. The school girl got up and ran away and the WVM took one look at my missus who was clearly shaken and took her and her bike home! It's was couple of miles out of their way too. I was v grateful and so was the missus.

    We shouldn't let the bad WVM allow us to build up a prejudice against all WVM. it does no one any favours.
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