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Does anyone have any idea what this is???

AveziusAvezius Posts: 132
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I got into cycling a while back for a bit of fitness & soon found my old cheapo MTB with front suspension a bit lackimng on the country roads I found myself cycling on most often.

I wasnt sure how I would get on with it so didnt want to blow a load orf cash up front so intended on going 2nd hand. Those tiny road wheels also scared me so I thought I would go for a cyclocross bike, with the intention of getting 2 sets of wheels, one pairknobblies & the other with slicks.

Anyway, after a few failed attempts, I bought an ebay speacial cyclocross bike & have no idea what it is.

The details were pretty thin & sketchy other than it was "well used" so I think this put off a few potential buyers. I took a punt because the small grainy picture looked like it had double paddle brake shifters (it does).

It's got:

- Shimano 105 chainset
- Shimano 105 front shifters
- Aluminium frame of unknown origin with unknown forks.
- Mavic Cosmos wheels with Panaracer cindercross 700x35c tyres

Ive since used it for a couple of months & added Shimano M520 pedals & swapped down to Schwalbe Durano 700x28c slicks (probably should have gone for 25s).

It's quite ugly ad racing bikes go but I already love it! What I would really like is info on the frame's origin. Here's some pics:


The frame itself is pretty angular & made up of what looks like diamond shaped cross section "tubes". After removing most of the aftermarket stickers, there looks like one yelow decal on top bar that looks part of the paint (which is blue). The frame is also quite flexible - presumably to give a little offroad. As a result it creaks a bit if I really push it out of the saddle. note - Ive checked that the welds are all sound.

The seatpost & forks are mounted in what looks like carbon "holders" & have "ritchey" marked on them, but I assumed they are aftermarket.

Anyone have any idea what it is?

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