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i have been convinced to get a powermeter and the best option at the minute for me seems to be a powertap

but with the Metrigear system coming out soon I thought about renting a powertap now, and see what the reactions a re to the metrigear vector when it finally gets launched

the only guys i see renting powermeters are are there any others ?

what is the opinion on renting from cyclepowermeters ?

how long from paying the deposit and completing the contract do you have to wait for your powertap

sorry to ask all these questions on the forums but i have been trying for days to get a reply from emails and there is no answer on the phones


  • amaferangaamaferanga Posts: 6,789
    You're wasting your time emailing. I almost hired a PM from them at the start of the year. Before I got it though I changed my mind and decided to buy. I emailed them to let them know and didn't hear anything for several weeks so assumed that they'd got my email and cancelled the order. Then I got a phone call to let me know they had a power meter available for me!

    So if you want to ask questions and get answers I'd keep trying to phone them. And as for the wait, well I guess that depends, but in my case (spring time to perhaps the time of year with most demand) the wait was around 2 months.
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  • willbevanwillbevan Posts: 1,241
    used to be really good but most people I know struggle to get in contact with them,...
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  • incog24incog24 Posts: 549
    I've never had any problems getting in contact with them. Always replied quickly to my emails...
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  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    I just ring them up, never had any problems...
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